Angled Square Metal Table Legs - Set of 2


Size: 16" H x 16" W
Color: Raw Steel - Requires Finishing
Angled square metal table legs handcrafted in NC. Built to last a lifetime. Paint or leave the raw steel look for the modern industrial style that's all the rage. Custom sizes available upon request.

**The legs are sanded and finished with bowling alley wax if selected to preserve the raw metal patina and prevent from rusting indoors. The wax does not change the color of the legs, it is a sealer that may need to be reapplied over the years to continue protecting the legs from rust. It can be purchased online or from the local hardware store and can be wiped on with a lint free rag.

**If you wish to paint or finish the legs yourself, please select raw steel and we will leave off the wax. The wax coat will not prevent rust outdoors, if using for an outdoor table they will require a paint or clear coat finish to protect from rust.

**If raw steel is selected, the legs will not have any wax on them and will rust over time if no finish is applied by the customer. Some oxidation may occur in transit and is easily removed by a Brillo pad or brush.
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Size: 16" H x 16" W
Color: Raw Steel - Requires Finishing