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Why is American Made Important?

Why is American Made Important?

Why is it important to buy products made in America? At Carolina Leg Co, we produce all of our products right here in our shop. All of our table legs are made using locally and sustainably sourced materials. Almost every product we use in our supply chain is sourced within a 30 mile radius. Why do we do this? We believe that products made all over the world and the people that make them are just as important and can have outstanding quality as well. However, we place a significant value not only on the ability to acquire cost effective products, but on improving and adding value to the community that we live in. 

We grew up before and during the time of outsourcing. When we were children, we lived in a community with a thriving middle class that had every opportunity for an individual to succeed. We then witnessed the devastating effects that companies can have on a community and a supply chain when they shut down overnight to produce their products elsewhere. We saw the issues firsthand that this created with drastic increases in poverty and domestic troubles. It’s a ripple effect that damages not only their employees, but also the owners and employees of their suppliers.  

It wasn’t just business but a personal mission to create something in our community that could sustain and create jobs as well as manufacture a great quality product that would compete with furniture legs made anywhere on the planet. Our business was built around the idea that we are stronger for making everything we do here. In addition, we have an e-commerce based business with buyers across the country. Value is created when money is brought into a community from elsewhere. Each set of table legs we sell brings additional money into our community that is then spent paying our employees, our suppliers, and ourselves. A portion of that money is then spent on local goods and services in our community, increasing the wealth for everyone. No matter how small, we believe in the American made concept because every dollar an American company produces and spends is improving the community around it in some way. It is our privilege to be able to manufacture all of our wooden table legs and metal legs right here in North Carolina and that will never change.

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