Title: Product Design Engineer

Job Site: Hudson, NC

Job Duties:
• Developing new product designs, prototypes and samples;
• Reverse engineering existing products;
• Generating 3D models and drawings using SolidWorks;
• Generating CAM programs for CNC machines using SolidCam;
• Evaluating manufacturing processes based on quality criteria, such as efficiency and speed;
• Resolving issues and delays in production;
• Recording all information on designed pieces throughout the product development process;
• Implementing new technologies to perform upgrades to machines, production systems and
processes; and
• Communicating with production team members and their managers to alert them to changes
to machines, production systems and processes.

• A minimum bachelor’s degree in Engineering or a related field is required
• 12 months experience in the field of Engineering is required.

Environment: Hours: 40 hours per week

To Apply: Send (1) cover letter, (2) transcripts and (3) resume to: Carolina Leg Supply, LLC; Attn: Brandy Gentry; 111 Davis St; Hudson, NC 28638