Bench & Coffee Table Legs

Create your dream matching bench for your dining table, or build a coffee table for your living space with our DIY legs. The sky is the limit.
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A Perfect Partner for Your Tables

We think every table looks better with a matching bench. These legs are also ideal for coffee tables. 

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Quality Guaranteed

Enhance your DIY projects with our handcrafted bench and coffee table legs. These finely sanded, unfinished legs are a blank canvas, waiting for your creative touch. Paint or stain them to match your living space and create a piece that's uniquely yours. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a professional artisan, our legs offer a perfect starting point for crafting furniture that reflects your style and personality. With these legs, the possibilities are endless, and your imagination is the only limit.


Each of our legs are handcrafted in the heart of furniture country using methods and skills that have been passed down for generations.

Free Shipping

All of our products ship free to the lower 48 US with UPS Ground. Expedited options are available upon request.

American Made

Proudly made in North Carolina, each leg is a testament of our commitment to domestic craftsmanship and a 100% American supply chain.

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