Kitchen Island Legs

All of our wooden kitchen island legs are sold individually at a standard height of 34.5”.
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A Gathering Space for Endless Memories

Showcase a stunning centerpiece with our handcrafted wooden island legs.

What Our Customers Say

Excellence in Craftsmanship

Our wooden kitchen island legs are the perfect choice if you want furniture that's both strong and makes a statement. Crafted from locally sourced Eastern White Pine, these legs are built to last, ensuring your kitchen island or gathering space remains an area you will want to gather around for years to come. Each piece is uniquely handmade in North Carolina to give your custom furniture a one of a kind look.


We source only certified, sustainably harvested local timber. We utilize all of the waste and donate our scraps for firewood.

Free Shipping

All of our products ship free to the domestic US with UPS Ground. Expedited options are available upon request.

American Made

From local sourcing to your doorstep, we celebrate domestic craftsmanship with a 100% American supply chain.

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